Not Your Average Millenial

Not Your Average Millenial

Hello Loves!

Recently I’ve been finding myself in a lot of conversations centered around what its been like my first year us millennials call “adulting.” Granted, I made a very drastic change compared to most normal 20-something year olds by deciding to move to another country and travel directly out of college rather than starting¬† my career. Luckily, I have a very open-minded and supportive family but I do get a lot of skepticism from acquaintances for not doing things the traditional way (whatever that is anymore honestly). Throughout this rhetoric of me explaining my situation day-in and day-out–whether that be updating friends from back home, conversations with new friends, co workers, or customers in shopping centers–I found myself being able to articulate myself in a way where I have curated some advice and insight into what this last year has meant to me. For example, how did I make the decision to move so far away, how it’s been not really having a plan and battling the constant changes life throws my way (i.e. making new friends, relationships, jobs, visas, etc.). I wanted to share my experience mostly with people who are going to be going through this transition or those that want to make a change and aren’t sure how and to explain to those older than I, what it’s like going through these early phases of adulthood from a very naive 23-year old figuring everything out for the first time.

So without further ado, here’s my top ten moments of this past year that make my life enjoyable, out of the ordinary and hopefully inspiring for those twenty-somethings who don’t exactly know how the hell they’re navigating their life, like me, and figuring it out along the way. In no particular order…

  1. I moved! Across the world! Not really a real revelation anymore but I guess still significant enough right?
  2. I got a job at a film company. Still one of my better accomplishments of this last year and I attended some premiers and film festivals while I was at it. Since then I’ve changed jobs twice but everyone has taught me valuable lessons.
  3. I fell in love. With the best human ever (obv.)
  4. I took a road trip. I lived out of the literal Mystery Machine for two weeks. With that, I learned to drive on the opposite side of the road, explored like no other and saw just about every beach town lining the east coast of Oz. And came back just in time to celebrate my new favorite holiday in Australia, Mardi Gras. Which is a gay pride parade and the biggest in Sydney which everyone should experience at least once in their life!
  5. Saw Lorde at the Opera House. I cried.
  6. Spent my holidays with friends instead of family. I think I truly learned the meaning of the holidays and made me appreciate life in a completely new way.
  7. Drank a LOT…of wine.
  8. Lived many sunrises and sunsets.
  9. Ate LOTS of good food.
  10. But most of all, I LIVED and I LOVED. Every minute, every moment, every wave, every tear, every laugh, every friendship, every memory, and I LEARNED. About myself, about others, about life, about love, and about change.

I’m not 100% sure where my life is going at this point or where I’ll end up but the best thing I do is just to take it day by day and enjoy the journey. This place has become my home and I have loved it and still love it so deeply I couldn’t imagine things turning out any differently.


Cheers xx




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