2017 Goals

2017 Goals

Well, I really thought that this would’ve been my first post of 2017 but that would require me having my life together which I am usually not familiar with such a concept. So better late than never. Therefore, consider this part two to me introducing my new and improved website. I’m usually not one to brag but like pretty impressed with myself on this one. Like I mean how cool is this?!! Anyway I’m here with another quick post to showcase my goals for this coming year. My inspiration you ask? well I once read:

“I’m not making resolutions this year, because no one likes a skinny sober bitch anyway” — Betches.

Therefore, GOALZ. That way no one can hold me accountable if I fail which I’m bound to do as per usual. Let’s not bring up the gym membership just yet. Goals are something that are achievable and ultimately make you a better person right? They’re the things you write down on the hot pink post-it note stuck to your dresser that you get to cross off once you accomplish them. They’re the things you learn along the way and inspire you to keep going. At least that’s the way I look at it because resolutions impose some daunting task that on January 1st you magically become some holistic, minimalist vegetarian that does yoga on their patio every morning suddenly becoming this skinny ray of sunshine to find yourself a week later realizing you’re back to binging alcohol and Netflix alone in your room. And also finding yourself cussing silently under your breath to your roommate, coworker, or professor for being the bane of your existence wondering why you’re back to square one. Let’s get real people baby steps. I’m all for baby steps. Unless I’m jumping head first off cliffs and out of planes then I’m all for leaping as big and far away as you can.

So without further ado… in no relevant order… **queue drumroll**

My Top 10 Goals for 2017:

  1. Accept myself. Rely less on the acceptance of others and learn to accept myself no matter what state I’m in.
  2. Create more. Find a creative outlet and dive in with passion. Blogging, photographing puppies, drawing Spongebob on a napkin. Literally anything as long as I can use my imagination and it makes me feel something.
  3. Read more books. To take me somewhere else that actively engages the parts of my brain to learn something new. (let’s be honest though after watching five seasons of Suits I’m basically a lawyer but I guess it’d be cool to read about too)
  4. Break the ice. Find the courage to do so. I love meeting new people and I wish I knew how to make the first move. Once it happens it can open so many doors instead leading to missed opportunities.
  5. Have no fear. Don’t let it get in the way. Start small, work up from there.
  6. Be mindful. Separate intention from emotion. Be aware about my state of being and be present in the moment.
  7. Be thankful. For anything and everything. Gratitude is realizing that life and all things in it are a gift. The good and even the bad.
  8. Keep the faith.
  9. Be kind. To others and especially myself. Mind, body, and soul. Workout, feed my body the right things, and meditate.
  10. Travel more. Even just to the backyard. Learn to love life again by taking risks and exploring what this world has to offer.

There you have it guys. I hope my goals for this year inspire you to make some for yourself, even if they’re small. No one expects you to have it all figured out the moment the clock strikes midnight on January 1. I know I was nursing a hangover and laying on my couch realizing that this year came faster than I could ever have imagined. I mean after all I didn’t even get around to this until a week later. There are so many more goals I have in mind for 2017 like gaining even a thread of the fashion sense that North West has, like stepping up my eyebrow game for those snapchat selfies so its not just filled with half eaten sushi platters and videos of my nephew, and like having Urban Outfitters sponsor my home decor but I digress. You get the point. These goals are universal and I hope I can inspire some of you with them too! Heres to fab new year and to those of you ready to make 2017 your b!tch.


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  1. Kristel Ersan
    January 8, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Go girl! Embrace everyday! Good to see you the other night please keep in touch!

    Love you!
    Kristel Ersan

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