Foodie’s Paradise

Foodie’s Paradise

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Greetings again from down unda!

Now that this is my second attempt at comping this post since my first one didn’t save, figuring out what to highlight has taken quite a while. So much happens in a day that I never know where to begin to keep up even for myself. Settling in has been actually easier than expected and classes have just been flying by. I’ve been booking weekend trips like crazy because after all, Australia is the number 1 place to go seeking adventure and I’m seeking nothing less than action packed semester. When I thought about what I would talk about next, I figured I would categorize some things that have stood out rather than bore you with my daily actives that I honestly can barely remember at this point unless I write it down in the moment (take my own advice maybe? lol).

Anyway, I wouldn’t say I would necessarily come to Australia for the food but here I am actually writing about it because half the pictures I take are of my food. I feel like I’m literally always eating or that could be because the portion sizes are so small. Queue the reasons why Aussie people are gorgeous. I have to start off by saying it took me a month but I finally ate kangaroo and in a variety of prepared ways; kebab style, steak, and sausages. I have to admit it tasted better than I imagined though disappointed I have yet to get a decent Insta-worthy selfie with one. Stubborn creatures. Living in the middle of a multitude of restaurants that are walking distance have made my life easier or harder which ever way you want to look at it. Places include cafés, bars (chocolate ones too-thx Max Brenner), juice shops, and ice cream. I realized I just mentioned that half of these are probably desert places and that’s only because my sweet tooth has escalated beyond belief here. I literally consume my weight in Tim Tams on a daily basis. Tim Tams are the Aussie staple and it’s simply a chocolate biscuit dipped in chocolate with chocolate in the middle. Serving size: 1 biscuit, Xtina serving size: 4 biscuits (on average). As for me being the coffee connoisseur that I am, I still have yet to get my coffee order right at some places. I mean it was a shock to order an iced coffee and find heaps of ice cream below my drink. Yet when I went to order a milkshake, there was no ice cream to be found. Thus I’ve learned to stick to the regular lattes. On a healthier note, their fruit selection is amazing and delicious as well. I consume more fruit here for sure and I find myself munching on it for brekkie and snacking on it in the arvo as my go-to’s. Thanks to my roomie I have also had a new found love for acai bowls. I find myself spending copious amounts on these coastal delicacies. Who knew this power food would have me actually craving it for every meal? Not only are they absolutely delicious and practically around every corner, their presentation is beautiful, probably prettier than me tbh. One place I practically live at that’s so close to campus is called The Hub. I reckon it’s some hipster local hot spot but always has me feeling some type of way. Everything on the menu has yet to disappoint. Don’t even get me started on the Tim Tam shake, I might start crying with how keen I am of them.

There definitely are things I miss about the food from the states but so far it doesn’t feel as though I’m too far removed from the things at home. I maybe wish there was more readily available ranch, buffalo sauce, yellow cheese and Chines takeout of my chicken fried rice, but needless to say I’m getting along just fine with the food Aussie has to offer for me. Everything from the ethnic to the local to the trendy I probably spend more money on food than on shopping. OK that may be a lie but it’s pretty darn close. I hope you guys stay tuned for some of my next adventures!! Love ya dolls.



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