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Hello Lovelies 🙂

I’m sitting here with only three days before I fly out for the land down under for a semester and I feel as though my life just consists of patterns of packing and unpacking. Just a couple weeks ago I was unpacking my entire dorm from moving back home and now I’m packing my life in two suitcases to move abroad to Australia for the next four months. The nervousness, anxiety, and excitement is in full force now that my last weekend in the states is underway. It’s surreal to think that the months of hard work and planning for this trip is finally here.  I probably should actually be packing now instead of spending hours on my computer considering I haven’t really started; but procrastination at it’s finest am I right?? I can’t thank everyone enough for their support on this amazing journey I’m about to set flight on and I really can’t wait to share it with all of you as well! I’m really looking forward to see how I will be influenced by the Aussie’s culture, fashion, and lifestyle.

I’ve put a little college together of my Gold Coast essentials I will be taking with me and thought I would share some of my necessities if all other clothing items were to fail. Let me just say it’s so much easier packing for warm weather than if I were to go, say “across the pond” though I am glad I got to experience some snow while it lasted.

The way I chose this stuff is based on what I’ll be doing while I’m there which is pretty much based on practicality, comfort, and style. Jeans are obviously a must in a mixture of washes. I prefer black jeans with a light wash denim short. I of course love my graphic tees and they’re so easy to layer. I will currently be packing a lot of sundresses and rompers (my favorite brands of these are Brandy Melville and Free People.) As for shoes I will be packing just some plain sneakers and plenty of sandals. I love the ones that just have thin sling-backs like the ones pictured. Finally, accessories are some of my favorite things, so in my suitcase I will be packing a wide brimmed sunhat, a small wallet I can stick in any bag that also holds my phone if I don’t want to lug around a large bag, and finally a cute pair of trendy sunnies! Last but not least, the swimsuit. I will be packing my favorite Triangl swimsuit which just so happens to be an Australian brand as well!


Get The Essentials: 1. shorts 2. tank 3. dress 4. swimsuit 5. sneakers



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