Starbs Anyone??

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the late posting but I guess that’s what happens when you’re unexpectedly socked with the flu, lose a week off your agenda, and start a new job…that’s basically how the latter part of my October went! Now that I am currently welcoming in November the weather has been far from steady, and this was a highly requested post. Many of these last few days have been lazy days for sticking out the last couple weeks before Thanksgiving break. I think this shirt pretty much sums up my entire mentality lately. “Ok, but first coffee.” Thx Brandy Melville for the perfect description of my life.

This current look is one that I have cut some corners to be comfy while still maintaining a stylish persona. It combines a few of my favorite things so far. Coffee, flannels, leggings, and of course my black booties. Am I a basic white girl yet?? Probably.

My favorite thing to do when the weather doesn’t quite want to cooperate is layer just about anything. This t-shirt is one of my favorites not just because of the graphics but because it’s so soft and lightweight. The distressing adds a little edge because that’s just how I roll I guess (lol). You can also choose the plain version if you don’t like holes in your shirt. A way that I added my own personal style touch was by knotting the bottom of the hem. Over the top of that I have added one of my favorite flannels. I particularly like the red (not just because I also doubled as a lumber jack for Halloween, s/o for homemade costumes), but because it is so classic. I own just about every other color as well but that’s trivial. To double as both a lightweight coat and a sweatshirt, this gray sweater really makes this outfit super comfortable. Since the sweater is longer in length I chose to wear leggings for the bottoms. For me, this eliminates a lot of the bulk and who doesn’t love leggings to be honest?

For accessories, I’ve kept it pretty simple with just my classic black booties layered with some wool socks to give it a little more dimension in the legs. To add a little more comfort, this scarf is my go-to because it has just about every color to incorporate the rest of the look. I really love the use of color blocking. I used the chestnut in the scarf to incorporate my bag so I can mix black and browns together (which I don’t actually think is a big fashion faux pas anymore). And to top it all off, of course I had my sunnies and Starbucks. 😉








Get this look: 1: shirt 2: leggings 3: sweater (similar) 4: sunglasses


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