Boyfriend Jeans and Other Things

Hello fellow fashion lovers!

Recently I have taken quite the liking to boyfriend jeans so I figured why not make an entire post about them? I love light-washed denim and especially distressed because I think it adds a little bit of a rougher look to most casual outfits. I enjoy the relaxed fit and unexpected style it adds. Denim is absolutely everywhere nowadays and you can wear it in virtually any way possible. My favorite thing to do with distressed denim is dress them up a bit by adding a pair of heels. I think of this as more of an updated business casual. This pair is actually from Target–which if you’re anything like me when you make a Target run, you come out with everything but the things you actually went there to get. Behold these featured Adam Lippes checked pumps.

This outfit features a lot of mixed masculine and feminine pieces that are really easy to do in the fall. That’s why it’s so versatile since I was just out running errands this day. (okay well maybe I was just shopping, but who says a girl can’t wear heels for fun?) I’ve paired the jeans with a loose fitting plain black sweater and since it’s actually starting to get chilly out, the trench coat is a perfect pair for the heels and jeans since it’s still lightweight enough. Lastly my jewelry is kept simple with the statement being my oversize rose gold watch.




DSCN0384 DSCN0364


get this look: 1. shoes 2. sweater 3. trench coat 4. boyfriend jeans



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